Autism Wiki

Temple Grandin's website[]

Temple Grandin a very accomplished and well-known

adult with autism. You can learn more about her at her page in this wikia, and at

her website:

Autism Perspective Magazine[]

A publication founded on the philosophy that those living

with and treating autism spectrum disorders should have a single

resource that presents the full perspective of options for therapies,

new understanding, treatments, and services. For more information,

visit[] is a new site, totally by Autie spectrum people for

Autie Spectrum people to provide an opportunity for people on the

spectrum to market their skills directly to the public and seek

employment. It is free to list yourself.


Two teens with Asperger's Syndrome created a website, . The site features forums, articles, and a

variety of resources.

Autism Media[]

The Foundation for Autism Information and Research (FAIR) has a

website featuring free excerpts and full-length presentations on a

variety of autism-related topics. Visit to learn more.

Aspergers Northwest[]

Information and bulletin board about Asperger's Syndrome in the Northwest: . Lists of resources, activities, and

discussion groups.

Experimental Education Unit at the University of Washington[]

Serving children with diverse abilities, ranging in age from a few

weeks to 7 years. Visit EEU for more information.[]

* Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity's resource pages index material from a vast number of websites on autism, reflecting a wide range of information and perspectives. Visitors will also find links to many one-off articles with interesting and innovative content that you only find if you do deep searches. I seek to use my skills as a librarian and web developer to "case the place," to draw attention to what I feel is some of the most substantive material available, and to organize that information with a view to accuracy and ease of use. I have made a special effort to accumulate links to as many first person accounts as possible, and to full-text versions of peer-reviewed professional journal articles available free-of-charge. Eventually I'll incorporate abstracts and subscription-only material. No doubt the opinionated reader will find links to material he or she finds objectionable.

Autism videos from[]

Autism videos from