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Hello am I Woybff. Yes I am autistic and this all true. I had many special interesting. Some had lead in them. Some were dangerous. But others are puppets and cartoon characters. Now here my story and you will love it.

As a baby[]

My first special interesting came at three months. But later I out grow it at seven. Elmo. I don't know why I'd like is red furball. Went I was one my parents started showing me Baby Einsten. Which has be a special for a while. Did you when babies watched them they losted six to eight words a hour. Surpise! Disney was trouble. At made 15 months my mother knew something was wrong.


As a Todder[]

My parents discovred I was autistic at that time. Later I moved on to preschool then know I wasn't potty trained or could talk at that time. At the open house I clapped. So I was time out chair alot 'cause I didn't do the teacher told me to do. But I was a sweet girl I never bite anyone, but myself. Or punch, kick, or anything that. Later I was potty trained before then the teacher had to change me. I also learned how to talk..on a swing. My Mom wouldn't push me intill I said "Go."


The reason why I made the tile like that was at that school it was K-3rd. In K, I took part some headphones to copy something from sesame street. (I hate it when I was five or six.) I also pulled a card. I got into Pokemon at the age of five. In 1st I loved my teacher, she later tought my bother and younger cusins. I hate this guy, but were cool now. I pulled two cards one for being rude to him and another for talking. (A sub was on that day.) Second grade, we didn't have that. But I remenber a mean teacher in summer school putted me on wall for touching rocks. What was I doing with? Something my hero would. Put then back. I bet he cried or stand up for me. 3rd was my second miss behaved year (first year of Pre-k). I also got F's on most of my spelling test.

Pokemon cards 1


In the month of October (4th grade) my Mom told me she was going to my school to talk about me. This is when I found out I was autistic. She thought I knew. Later I started failing. It most of be the different scoring method. I thought I was hopeless. On that Chismas Eve my favorite aunt give me Pokemon White. 


This Cilan my favorite Pokemon Gym leader. The mokey is Pansage a grass type.

At first I couldn't pick the female, but on Chismas I had found out why. So I choose Tepig. Later I become smarter I think. Or it was because I stopped watching Dora for almost a year. At 5th grade my test scores were better. Everything was fine and happy. :) INTILL January a boy in my class said I stole money from him. So oneday..I did something from a show called Fosters home for imagry friends. By Craig McCracken. I tell more about him later.


The guy in the left is Bloo. By Bloo is Cheese. On the right is Mac. (Bloo's creator.)

I kick

the guy in the stin. (Or I tried to.) I felt bad about this. I just told my family. That I went to middle school.


I left like just this one 6th. Anyway before school I missed my Mom alot because I have anxitey. At my Grandma's house I saw MLP:FIM. I liked it.


So my Dad got the Hub on are TV. It help my anxiety. When I wanted my Mom to come home. I turned a episode she would come back. I thank Lauren Faust for this. (Craig's wife.) She made this generation. In Nov. that year I saw LPS. Since episode four Sunil was my fave.


This is Sunil.

I could relate his fears and worries. It was just the being with him. I now have to Sunil plushs. He was my favorite animal. In 6th grade it was fine. I didn't have much problems in seveth grade. Let's get to that.


Starting the week of school. I saw the best show ever it was called Wander Over Yonder also made my Craig McCracken.


  And it was made on Disney. It was amazing. When the second and third episode aried. (Sept.13 2013) I found out my best friend was..not my best friend. She didn't want to play with me at P.E., so I played with my other best and her friends. She (ex-bestie) hit she with a golf ball. Went a saw those episode..the pain went away. Wander happiness turn that wrost day into a field of daisy and love. :) Later the next episode I loved Wander. I cried on 'The Pet'. Later with school my coach and I bond. I was her favorite. I told her about WOY (Wander Over Yonder). In Noveber 27, 2013 I discovered Mattel recalled over nine millon toys because of lead.  I remenber getting a toy of Tico on chismas at the age three. Think goodness Wander's oppstie Sylvia help me not to worry about Tico. I still had him.

Recalled toy2

The evil Tico.

  Before That I liked after character named Peepers voiced by Tom Kenny. Later on Feb.14th. She (the hater of me) called me a freak. :( What person does that? I felt bad. There wasn't even a new WOY. Later she became my greastest fear. Bigger than Lord Hater. (WOY's best and best knowed villan.) Later on the last day of school my coach lefted with out saiding good bye. :'( The last I saw her was on the day 'The Tourist' aired (Jun. 11


This Peepers. (Commander Peepers) He hates Wander.


This is Wander my hero! :)


This Sylvia voiced by Apirl Winchell.


8th (now)[]

Soon I related to Lord Hater. Soon I liked him. (A little.)


This is Lord Hater.

My 8th grade year was getting wrose. So many problem. Now I just don't like myself. Maybe if everyone liked me and understood me I'd like myself. But I have Wander. By the way Wander is voiced by Jack McBrayer. I saw him in a Barines Noble commercial. I knew who he was then and was so happy to see him. Anyway I know Wander loves me.


And knows I'm speical. I also believe that I am the biggest Wander Over Yonder fan.

Thank you[]

Thank you for reading this. I hope many people see it. I worked really hard of it. Have a Wanderful day and enjoy this pics! :)


Craig made Wander Over Yonder like one of those old cartoons that focused on the characters.





From 'the Little guy'.