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Questions about my meltdowns[]

I pick a random cartoon character for these question I deiced to pick Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder.


This Sylvia voiced by April Wichell.

So here we go. Notes: Not all Autistics will agree with me when I awnswer these questions about the my last meltdown.

The questions.[]

Sylvia:Did you know someone else would get there first?


Sylvia:Did you know you were getting angry?

Woybff:Not at first.

Sylvia:Were you aware people were watching?

Woybff:Not until the meltdowm.

Sylvia:Did you feel bad?


Sylvia:Did you want to hide?

Woybff:Yes. I think I was going into Autistic shutdown.

Sylvia:Updating today did you know that guy was there?

Woybff:I not sure.

Finish with that now moving on.[]

Why are still talikng about Friday? It over with now you can forget about it. Oh someone on my bus asked if I was the person. I first didin't hear him. Later I got the message and sat in the back. After I got off I felt wrost about it. I don't think this guy understands I was austistic just like almost every that isn't autistic and knows little about the distort. It's okay guys. This was made me so upset I didn't post my Power Puff Girls blog Today. I just put links on the page.