Autism Wiki

It seems like autistics aren't  getting the help they need. Why do I think this? Well it basically the parents faint. They don't know that there autistic children. Let's just say a child, I'll use Wander for the name because on child are named Wander and really like him. (The guy as my avatar.)

Bad things parents don't understand[]

Wander gets ground from Spinning, Flapping, any stemming, etc.[]

Parents can't grounded there child from the stemming. They have more stress that causes more meltdowns.

Wander has a meltdown because some reason and gets grounded[]

It's not there fault for having a melting, if its the opposite them yes ground them. Like I said before it's not there fault. It's the cause, it could be any thing like noises or something that effects them or other reasons. That is if they ground them for a special interest then how the heck are they going to move on forget the meltdown?

I think that's all I have talk about parents. Now the random strangers. I will not this Wander any more.

Meltdowns:Stranges just don't get[]

Went the meltdown happens.[]

Other people may think there about bad or naughty. But they have to understand this is normal for them.

After the meltdown:Adults(without autistic)[]

Adults may think "That child is misbehave" or something like that. Autistics won't think about other people before something happens. I wish Adults were interest about Autism.

After the meltdown:Kids/Teens[]

This is after a day or more. The child asking them about if they are one who freakout. After asking the question. They may feel embarrassed, angry, sad, or scared (the autistic). They (the autistic kid/teen) doesn't want to remember the meltdown. They may lie out of the question that the other kid is asking. I know this because it's going to me and I need a way to end it. Any ideas? Back to want was saying. Kids (without autism) don't understand how is.