Autism Wiki

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Feel free to explore the site. There is plenty of information here about Autism.

ADMIN since January 21, 2016.

Suspected Autistic in 1967, confirmed Asperger syndrome 1997 updated to Autism in 2013. Autistic Activist, supports the concept of neurodiversity, opposes with venom the idea that vaccines cause Autism. Keen to promote the good fight right here and oppose the idea that Autism is a disease.

Presently working through the site making the changes that need to be made. Some material that needs to be condensed and other material that needs to be added and expanded. If I have anything to do with it, this will be the best source for the truth about Autism on the Internet. Any attempt to promote incorrect information will be directly challenged (this is NOT bullying by the way!) and if needed reverted and/or deleted.