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About me

I am a 17-year-old living in the United States East Coast. I had regressive autism and was diagnosed at a young age.

Things I like

  • Birds (especially parrots)
  • Animals in general
  • Classical music
  • History (especially from 1600s onward)
  • Drawing
  • Pokémon
  • Linguistics
  • Numismatics

What I think about autism

  • Autism has existed for a very long time and possibly even as long as mankind has, it is not a new condition at all and just because it didn't have a name until the 1940's doesn't mean it didn't exist.
  • I would be considered high-functioning but I do not use functioning labels.
  • I do not use the term Asperger's.
  • I prefer identity-first language over person-first language.
  • I really hate the word "autist" because I strongly associate it with edgy people who use it as an insult.
  • I support neurodiversity.
  • People are born autistic, nobody gets/becomes it.
  • Autism is a part of you, you don't "have" it and removing it will change you into a completely different person.
  • I strongly oppose the anti-vaccine movement and I believe it is extremely offensive and harmful.
  • Therapies that focuses on forcing the child to act neurotypical are abusive.
  • There is nothing inherently wrong with speculating that a historical figure was autistic and due to how common autism is, I can guarantee you that some of them actually were on the spectrum (I will write a blog post about it later).

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