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Tomasio Avichen Rubinshtein (Tom Rubinshtein) (Tar"sh) is an Israeli-born author and philosopher, born at 7 of December 1997. He is an author of seven books which he published privately. 4 of his books are in Hebrew and the other 3 are in English, that contain much of the answers he wrote on the international site of Quora, where he also won the 2018 Top Writer award, the last year such award was granted thus far (2021).

In his Hebrew books he wrote about his own personal philosophy, which he calls Solitary Individualism, or Rubinshteinic Individualism, a specific sect in the branch of individualism about the connections of solitude, asceticism and social abstinence, with the notion of individualism and its various liberties.

On April 2019 he founded Philosocom, a site dedicated to many of his articles, which he updates on a regular basis to this day (February 2021). As of now (February 2021), that sites contains around 300-400 articles, only 2 of which are guest posts (posts written by others), and have around 100-200 site members.

Regarding his education, he has fully graduated highschool and attended a few courses in philosophy at the Israeli Open University. In addition he has won 3rd place in a local writing contest for high school students, and have reached the finals of an English speech competition at Jerusalem.

Rubinshtein has also been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 13, and served at the Israeli National Service for a year.

During 2019-2020, Rubinshtein managed a large community on the Quora website, composed of dozens of thousands of followers, dedicated to the sharing of insightful content. In that community he also used to share his Philosocom articles. That community was known as the "Museum of Wisdom".

In addition, it's worthy to mention that he is probably the most famous "Tomasio" in the world, proven by being able to find him on search engines such as Google's only by his first name, at least by two languages, Hebrew and English. Likewise, he is the most famous Tomasio on Quora.