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On your front page, it says: "Autism Wiki is a place where parents of kids with autism and Asperger's can share their stories, and build a database of helpful information."

Does this mean that people with autism are not invited to be part of the sharing and building? I suspect that this is not what you intended, and I know that this question can sometimes become a point of contention within the autism community as a whole. However, the two stories you've highlighted directly above this statement lead me to conclude that autistics themselves are a part of your wiki community here, and that this is not just a place for "parents." I would suggest, with all due respect, that you therefore reframe the language on the front page to encourage and reflect the inclusion of a broader base of people who might participate in building this wiki. (I say this as both a "parent of..." and as an autistic myself.) Many thanks! -- User:

It would have been ok to "be bold" and revise the text to include autistics. It looks like someone has since done that :). Perpetualstudent 08:56, 26 February 2008 (UTC)

Main page issue[]

In the rules you note that you don't have the same restrictions on sources as Wikipedia. However I believe that Wikipedia itself is unreliable as it's retention of promotional articles like Jonathan Mitchell shows, certainly to the subject of autism. I ask that Wikipedia be not allowed as a source. I've already deleted a couple of them. Lucky01965 (talk) 08:56, June 13, 2019 (UTC)


Please, please, PLEASE change your logo! The puzzle piece logos used by many autism-focused orgs promote the idea that autistics/their brains are "puzzles" to be solved, leading to all sorts of toxic talk about "cures" and less-than-helpful treatment. In some cases, the stress from these negative attitudes towards autism lead folks to "mask" or act "normal" to the point of extreme exhuastion or cause them to become very anxious and/or depressed. tl;dr: puzzle pieces logos perpetuate narrative rhetoric, which worsens the mental well-being of autistics. KatrinaRThomas17 didn't sign

You are not right. The logo is multiple puzzle pieces that fit together, which is in contrast to the single puzzle piece a la the groups you're talking about. By talking the way you are, you are bringing said toxic talk to this Fandom. I support the logo. Lucky01965 (talk) 08:46, 14 March 2022 (UTC)
As the head admin here I will add this - the logo represents a jigsaw puzzle that is nearly solved. The puzzle is NOT the Autistic brain. It is the genetic origin of Autism. My personal view is that the puzzle has been solved, but it still has to be confirmed and I am working towards it. Adjusting to being Autistic means that we have to face down the attitudes associated with the single puzzle piece, and that is another reason for the logo. Taking the original meaning off it's originators. Don't give it to them - as Lucky imputed over the toxic talk. Masking or acting normal is a win for the original meaning. That's why the logo is right and it stays. We are taking it off them. TLPG 12:19, 14 March 2022 (UTC)