Autism Wiki

Social network sites dedicated to autism.

Not all of these sites have been screened for ableist attitudes. Be leery of any website that supports Autism Speaks or Quiet Hands, speaks against vaccination, discusses curing autism, or demonizes autism. These attitudes can be extremely damaging to autistic people, and have resulted in deaths.

For family, friends and caregivers[]

Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance[]

This Facebook group provides a positive community, offers tips for parents, and celebrates the children and their families. It has been recommended by autistic people such as realsocialskills and this writer.

Emma's Hope Book[]

Emma's Hope Book is a blog run by a mother of an autistic girl. She shares personal stories and coping strategies that support the welfare of both parents and children. Her work is very insightful and well-regarded in the autistic community.

We Are Like Your Child[]

We Are Like Your Child is an up-and-coming blog offering advice to parents. It's written by autistic people who have experienced the trials and triumphs of autism firsthand. It also provides anecdotes that allow parents to visualize what it feels like to experience things like sensory overload and meltdowns, so they can better understand their children's experiences.

Foggy Rock[]

Foggy Rock

A myspace like social networking site dedicated to family, friends and providers of autistic individuals. It features forums, blogs, groups, and a knowledge base (library).

Autism Child Care Connection[]

Autism Child Care Connection Welcome Autism Child Care Connection NETWORK. You know the challenges of finding adequate care for your child.

Here is a place you can share your stories and get support from other parents.

Mothers Of Autistic Kids[]

Mothers Of Autistic Kids If you have child Autism, you know there lot things going their world and yours ... Moms of Kids with Autism in Florida

For Autistic People[]

These communities are made with autistic people in mind, but many parents may find them useful in understanding their children's lives and needs.


Tumblr users developed the hashtag #actuallyautistic specifically for autistic people. Posts under that tag provide community discussion and networking. It has since spread to other websites.

Real Social Skills[]

Real Social Skills teaches social skills including basic interaction, saying no, being polite, and handling people who behave badly. It also teaches how to interact with disabled people, something that many people struggle with.

Musings of an Aspie[]

Cynthia Kim shares her thoughts and experiences in life. She offers great insight into the inner workings of autism and how to cope with various problems.

The Caffeinated Autistic[]

This autistic blogger celebrates autistic people and encourages everyone to be treated with basic human dignity.

Autistic Hoya[]

This website focuses on socialization and mistreatment. Autistic people and their parents are recommended to educate themselves about the indifference and abuse that many autistic people face.

ThAutcast: Aspergers and Autism Community[]

This is a Facebook page thAutcast brings together news and entertainment for people with autism and Aspergers, and other people who are interested.


Artists affected by Autism[]

Online community resource for artists and craftspeople to talk and share their experiences in art and autism and/or related disorders

Asperger's Syndrome[]

Asperger's Syndrome

Place to discuss Asperger's Syndrome, current academic research, and share experiences! ... Increase in measles cases possibly linked to parents' fear of autism

PDD Life and Autism[]

- PDD Life and Autism

"Mild" form of Autism. ... A Child with Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Speech & Language ... PDD Life and Autism brought to you by deepVertical

Autism Spot[]

autism spot social networking site, has Video sharing.

Living well with autism[]

living well with autism Yahoo group. Here, you will find tools for living with the everyday challenges of raising a child with autism. Emphasis is on free or inexpensive strategies that parents can do at home. Topics include play and engagement, eating and sleeping tips, vacations, visual helpers, sensory diets, goal-setting, and more.

Karla's ASD Page[]

This Facebook has a lot of train resources from the Autistic perspective. It is written by Karla Fisher who is autistic and has autistic children.