Autism Wiki

Rage is an expression of extreme anger. It usually comes after provocation. Autistic people are not inherently angry, but may have difficulty expressing themselves, or have their feelings minimized by their caregivers. This can lead to frustration bubbling over.

Here are ways to avoid buildups of rage:

  • Plenty of downtime
  • Therapies that are consensual and safe (The person is able to say no, and is not provoked to screaming, crying, or violence)
  • Telling caregivers not to grab autistic person against their will
  • Presuming competence
  • Emphasizing communication (Speech is less important than communication.)
  • Attending to basic needs, regardless of how they are communicated
  • Kindness and respect

It is important that autistic people are able to communicate needs, frustrations, and emotions, and that the people around them pay attention when they do so. Open communication allows the autistic person to find a solution to the problem instead of bottling up feelings until a meltdown ensues.