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Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum is a collection of play ideas for parents with children who have autism spectrum disorders. Themes include music, art, reading, physical activities, puzzles, playing outdoors and turn-taking.


The book begins with sections on acknowledgments and introduction. It is divided into 15 chapters with several sub-sections in each of the chapter.

  1. Why is Playing So Important?
  2. Early Playing Skills: Gaining Attention and Sharing Space
  3. Structured Play
  4. Toys, Toys, Toys
  5. Table-Top Games and Puzzles
  6. Music
  7. Turn-Taking in Play
  8. Physical Games and Activities
  9. Outdoor Play
  10. Water Play
  11. Television Potential
  12. Being Creative - Art and Craft
  13. Creating Imaginative Play Sequences
  14. Introducing Books and Reading
  15. Problems, Frustration and Tantrums - Making Play Enjoyable

Many useful sections complete the book – sections on Bibliography, Therapeutic Options/Organisations, Recommended Reading, Websites for Articles Written by Adults with Autism, Toys and Suppliers, Picture Prompts to Copy and Use, and Index.