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The National Autistic Society (NAS) is a prominent organization dedicated to the championing "the rights and interests of all people with autism and ensures that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs."[1]

NAS carries out a number of support services to accomplish its aim, vision and mission. Some of the services including information and research services, autism accredetion, NAS schools, NAS services for the adult persons with autism and related disorders, NAS diagnosis services, Post-diagnostic support, NAS social and respite support services, and NAS training, conferences and consultancy services.

Complete list of NAS services

An overview[]

  • NAS supports every year by way of free information, advice, other services around 100,000 people
  • NAS supports many Autistics through its help/support services[2]
  • NAS has around 17,500 members, and 2,500 professionals located across the UK
  • NAS has around 1,100 individuals under its direct care
  • NAS has around 1,000 volunteers, and 350 clients supported by NAS Employment Services
  • NAS has at least 91 branches across the UK[3]
  • NAS has 17 clusters of specialist adult services
  • NAS runs and manages 6 NAS schools

Inclusion of Autistic People[]

A minority of the members on the Board of Trustees are autistic/have autism.[4]

The National Autistic Society believes in listening to autistic people, as described in its mission page:

"We will involve, inform, and empower people living with autism.

We will champion the rights and interests of people living with autism."[5]

It is slowly increasing its use of identity-first language to reflect the preferences of the autistic adults whom they are describing.[6] It also recognizes the neurodiversity movement and encourages parents of autistic children to educate themselves on autistic perspectives.[7]

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