Autism Wiki

So....hi. You can call me Mystic. I'm an autistic adult who also has ADHD and a fucked-up sleep schedule. (There's no rule against swearing, right?) I use she/her pronouns currently. Anygay, I found out about this shit through another wiki, we go, I guess.

Early Life[]

Birth and Diagnosis and Stuff.[]

I was born a premie and the youngest of fraternal twins on July 11th at 8 pm. There seems to be some conflicting details about how I got this diagnosis, but my dad says I was diagnosed at the age of 2 and 1/2 with what's apparently known as "classic autism," which I think he said was the severe autism? I'm pretty sure there's a pic of me stimming as a kid. I was very sensitive to camera lights and loud noises.

After the diagnosis, I got taken off of Gluten and Casein, which took a while for my small body to get used to.

I also got put into a lot of different therapies. I probably spent more time in therapies than I did at home. /hj

I was also put on these strange pills that tasted like fish oil dipped in childhood trauma. /hj

And every year, I had to get blood taken. And I also had developed a fear of needles.

...I once ended up having six nurses hold me down for a chicken pox shot.

Hellementary School[]

After all of those therapies, I somehow managed to be deemed functioning enough by...society? And I got placed, for the most part, in a mainstream kindergarten classroom. My twin sister says that elementary school was when she was happiest. Me? Not so much. I was, not surprisingly in hindsight, bullied and ostracized by my classmates because I was seen as the weird kid. I've also been a very emotional person, even as a kid, so they probably realized that it was easy to get a reaction out of me.

In second grade, I think my teacher made a sort-of schedule of who would play with me at recess each day.....

I struggled academically AND socially in fourth grade. The workload was overwhelming, I had trouble keeping the inside of my desk organized, and getting my work in on time was a struggle. We also graded each other's work all together at the end of the day and had a system of check, check plus, and check minus, which we had to announce to the whole class, meaning someone else was announcing my homework grade to everyone. Around that time, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or what's now referred to as Inattentive ADHD.

I was in a class that was mixed-grades, meaning that there were fifth and sixth graders in the same class. There was one girl in particular who bullied me in fourth grade, she was in fifth grade at the time; blocking the way to my locker when it was time to leave, I remember she punched me at least once, when we had a schedule of cleaning the tables after lunch, she would insist that it was my turn to clean it when I knew it wasn't, (I hated touching the wet rag, it was horrific) and kicking the back of my feet on the way back to class. I tried to retaliate once by kicking back twice, which ended up getting both of us and her sixth grade friend (who was with us when the incident occurred) sent to what was called the behavioral room. (though you might as well call it detention) When we were told to give our sides of the story, she exaggerated how many times I kicked back, which pissed me off. We had to stay there until the end of the day.

Despite my academic and social struggles, especially at that time, I loved reading. I was very good at it too. My recommended reading level was decently beyond my grade and I loved taking books home from the library. We even had a little event every year where students could pick out one book to keep for free. Reading fiction kinda became my sanctuary with so few friends. I was also sent off to a classroom every so often where we would do things like Spot-The-Difference puzzles, logic puzzles, tanagrams, red herrings, etc,. Apparently that was the gifted program? And in fifth grade, when they had us split into different math level classes, I was placed in the advanced math class. Honestly it was kinda fun; we got to create our own set of word problems, graph surveys, and I remember that we did some sort of embroidery thingy?

Extracurricular/Outside of School Stuff[]

My sister and I did a few extracurriculars outside of school; a couple times we went to swimming lessons, we were in t-ball/near ball for about two years. From first grade up to the end of eighth grade, we were both involved in performance dance lessons. We also each got into a musical instrument and took lessons for a couple of years. My sister chose guitar and I picked the piano, which wasn't a surprise, as apparently I can play songs by ear a bit.

We also had a friend who lived a few houses down that we played with often. She was a few years younger than us and had a little brother. (She was also kinda bossy) We started with things like playing pretend and dressing up. As we grew older, however, I noticed a vast difference between her and my sister and myself. They began to get into playing more realistic things with American Girl dolls like school or college. Meanwhile I preferred fiction and fantasy. We still did a few things we all liked, like making little movies, watching Disney Channel movies, once we went ghost hunting in our neighborhood.

A pretty big milestone that I was behind on related to this was transitioning to two-wheelers. At the age of 9, I had trouble keeping myself balanced, even with practice. Then one day, we were in this random parking lot and it just suddenly clicked. I ended up calling it the Miracle Parking Lot.

However for a lot of the time, I was involved in therapies and social skills groups outside of school. I also had to take assessments every three years.

Adolescence and Shit[]

After sixth grade, my family moved to a different city and thus my sister and I went to a different middle school. There I was placed in the