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Henriett Seth F. (also known as Henriett Seth-F., Hungarian pseudonym Seth F. Henriett, birth name Fajcsák Henrietta) was born on October 27, 1980, in the Hungarian city of Eger. She is a member of the Hungarian Royal Family by marraige and is regarded as Hungarian nobility.[1] She is an autistic savant and is gifted with exceptional artistic abilities. She is also an accomplished writer.

Early life[]

Henriett's oldest predecessors lived in Detroit, United States of America and in Hungary.

By 1987, most of the schools had refused admitting her as she could not communicate well, and avoided eye contacts. As she has secured a score of 140 in a Raven IQ test, she was not put any special school. By 1988 when she was hardly 8 years old, she had learnt Attila Jozseff's book of poems; she was playing flute; and by the time she grew to be 10-12, she had started playing contraabass. By the age of 13, she had participated in many concerts.


Two of her famous books in Hungarian language are:

  • Autizmussal onmagamba zarva (Closed into myself with autism), and
  • Autizmus—Egy masik vilag (Autism—Another World)

The first book was published in 2005 with active support and patronage of the Hungarian Autism Research Group while the second book was published in 2006.