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David Archer ME3

David Archer is a fictional human from the Mass Effect video game series that lives with autism.[1]


Mass Effect 2: Overlord[]

David Archer is the younger brother of Dr. Gavin Archer.[2] He has a habit of counting and knowing the answer to every equation. To cope with loud noises, he uses earplugs. He is able to speak the Geth's language. The Geth are a race of robots and Gavin thought that David would be a perfect fit for Cerberus' Project Overlord. David is reluctant because of all the stimulation and noises, making him yell "Quiet, please! Make it stop!" As Commander Shepard and the crew arrived, David ordered the Geth to attack to prevent anything that is potential for loud noises. Once Commander Shepard saw David plugged into Project Overlord, Shepard told Gavin that he should be ashamed for putting his brother into a project he didn't want.

Paragon Ending[]

Commander Shepard orders Gavin to shut down Project Overlord and sent David Archer to Grissom Academy, a much more safe place.

Renegade Ending[]

Commander Shepard orders Gavin to shut down Project Overlord and find a better replacement.

Mass Effect 3[]

Paragon Path[]

Shepard encounters David for a second time and David explained that Shepard made it all quiet and that he has been counting the days his life has been extended thanks to Shepard.

Renegade Path[]

The replacement for Project Overlord was less successful than David because the replacement's mind didn't have autism.

Emotional triggers[]

  • Loud noises

Special interests[]

  • Mathematics
  • Speaking in different languages
  • Keeping things quiet.

Mass Effect 3 Meeting David Archer from Overlord DLC