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Daily Life Therapy (DLT), called Seikatsu Ryouho in Japanese, is an intervention which focuses on teaching children with autism to successfully interact in groups. It was pioneered by Dr Kiyo Kitahara, and practiced at the Higashi School in Japan. Daily Life Therapy was developed in Japan and from there it spread to many other countries, including the USA where it was introduced in the year 1987.

According to a report, "Dr. Kitahara's methods emerged naturally from her experience teaching an autistic child who was in her regular kindergarten class. Her methodology of group dynamics incorporates physical education, art, music, academics, the acquisition and development of communication and daily living skills to promote social independence. Recognizing that children with autism tend to be socially isolated, sometimes developmentally delicate, and are often anxious, sensitive and fragile, Dr. Kitahara developed a unique educational approach to address these characteristics."[1]

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