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Unproven therapies is a category of interventions for which there is only anecdotal evidence. The evidence for these interventions has not been published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

Diagnostic Considerations, Discredited Theories, Well-Settled Therapies, Unsettled or Investigational Treatments, Doubtful or Discredited Treatments, Legal and Regulatory Actions, Recommended Information Sources, Nonrecommended Information Sources, Ring Membership
ASAT Supports Evidence based practice, Proven Treatments, and Informed Choice. Use ASAT to help dispel the myths of miracle cures and magical breakthroughs.
  • Science and Fiction of Autism Book by Dr Laura Screibman. "For anyone wading through the sea of misinformation and conflicting reports swirling around autistic disorder, this book is a lifesaver. The author takes each controversy and scientifically breaks it down into what's proven, what's promising, what's unlikely, and what's just plain false. Further, it teaches the reader how to do the same thing--to critically evaluate the myriad claims surrounding this mysterious and devastating disorder." --Kristin Taveira (Newsday)

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