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Insurance Help for Autism[]

Find out how to get free help with medical insurance in California. Although the mental health parity act (Lanterman act) mandates that most insurance policies should cover autism, they often times do not (due to exemptions for self-funded companies, or due insurance company non-compliance). Use this site to determine whether your insurance company must comply with the Lanterman act, or use the site's letter templates (written by a lawyer) to obtain coverage properly owed to you by a non-compliant insurance company.

Aetna links that explain why they don't cover services (even though they should)[]

Institutional Deeming[]

If the child living with parents is not eligible for Medi-Cal because of the parents resources, or only eligible with a large share of cost because of parental income, Institutional deeming under the DD Waiver will enable the child to get Medi-Cal based on only his or her income and resources.