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hi, i'm Brock and i'm a 15 year old kid with autism! i was born and raised in Australia! so here is my story!


my childhood was basically just me watching kids shows everyday! but during school days, i would just be quiet! i used to get teased by this kid named "Robert" but we are friends now!

Teen Years[]

my teens years have being pretty good actually! some difficulties though during lockdown, but other then that it was good! i started high school at the very start of the 2020s, which is cool! i made a interest in loving birds and reading books! i have made friends! but here comes the up & down part! My Taste Of Music! now back early in the decade, my favourite singer lady gaga, then it was Billie Eilish, then it was Olivia Rodrigo and now it is Madonna! i'm trying my aboustle hardest to keep Madonna as my favourite and it's going pretty good so far! the same thing with sports too, i would switch teams, and go back to the old team, lol. but with American Football being my favourite sport, i switched from the Titans to the Packers!

but yeah since i recently discovered this wiki and went thru the stories, i might aswell did mine! so yeah, i'm going to get out of here and i will see you later!

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