Autism Wiki

My name is Bren Garrett, I have aspergers syndrome.

I enjoy Manga, Typing fanfictions, video games, and ninjas

Growing up I had no friends up in Alaska, when I was 16 I moved to Idaho, and made new friends, because of my clean slate.

I also have a a bit of multiple minds, but it is emotions that control me. For example, sometimes I am calm, emotionless, and smart. Sometimes I am sad and a downer, when I am angry I am a monster, and when I am happy I am like a little kid.

To be honest I am now an agnostic, because I realize if I am what I am, then there can't be a god. I am high on the spectrum, I find myself as an outcast, I am too strange to be normal, and too normal to be Special Ed. Honestly it is a torture for me.

I hope to become a writer and show the world that I am better than them, I am on the border of both sides and I will show them my potential. I also have a theory to Autism, perhaps it is human evolution, because since many people have been consider with ABS, since the time of Plato and such, maybe it is humans evolving.

Current History[]

I have fun working on Fallout fanon wiki and typing fanfictions on

I am about to graduate and I hope people who read this will help me make this a good article.