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Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant is a memoir written by an autistic savant.


A number of reviews have been published pertaining to this book and some of them are quoted below[1]

  • Now he is helping scientists to establish how his incredible talent works, and whether we all have latent abilities. A colleague of mine said she thinks he is straight out of science fiction - a prototype for a new human being. He's certainly the most extraordinary person I have ever met.
    Richard and Judy, Daily Express (May 2005)
  • Unlike other savants, who can perform similar feats, Tammet can describe how he does it.and is even devising his own language. Now scientists are asking whether his exceptional abilities are the key to unlock the secrets of autism.
    Guardian (February 2005)
  • Something in the way that Mr Tammet describes the beautiful, aching, hallucinatory process of arriving at his answers illuminates the excitement of all cogitation.
    New York Times (January 2005)

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