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Fever May Briefly Alleviate Autism Symptoms - Danielle Marino - 2007/12/29 00:24

I Found this article today on fevers alleviating Autism symptoms. I am not quite sure about this one of the little boys that I work with would go deeper into his shell. He would start talking gibberis...

Radio Show Karen Simmons, Founder, Autism Today - Danielle Marino - 2007/12/04 14:01

I wanted to let you all know that this wonderful women is going to be on the radio talking about autism. She is the founder of Autism Today. Hope you listen in should be great. I wanted to personally...

Meltdowns - Danielle Marino - 2007/11/28 13:22

We have seen them the dreaded meltdowns that our kids do. The stress of the holidays can bring them out in full force. Here are some helpful hints to handling them. Handling Meltdowns Causes: Neurolog...

Clinton in the news - Danielle Marino - 2007/11/27 00:23

Nov. 26 -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has unveiled a plan to spend $700 million a year to help children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. Her plan would double...

Yelling at Autistic kids - Danielle Marino - 2007/11/21 13:58

Yesterday I listed some things that Autistic kids would like you to know. Well something happened the other with my neighbor. She has a autistic son who is 3 her husband gets very frustrated with him...

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