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Asperger Syndrome & Your Child, A Parent's Guide: Unlocking Your Child's Potential is authored by by Michael D. Powers and Janet Poland. The 300 plus page book presents in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand style many facts and fallacies about Asperger Syndrome (AS). The book is a practical guide to detect early signs of AS, helps parents to arrange proper diagnosis and suitable interventions at the earliest, assist the parents in helping the affected child develop social skills. In short, the book shows the ways to unlock the hidden potentials of persons with Asperger Syndrome; assist him in facing the real life problems, and grow as an independent adult.

The book begins with sections on Acknowledgments, Forward and Introduction, and ends with sections on Resources, Reading list, Bibliography, Index and few words about the authors. The main part of the book is divided into two parts, the first part with four chapters and the second part with seven chapters as indicated below:

Part One: Understanding Asperger Syndrome
  1. Maps, Globes, Continents and Seas - What Does Asperger Syndrome look Like?
  2. The Trains Don't Always Run in Time - What Is Going On Inside My Child's Brain?
  3. He's Ready for His World, But I'm Not - Getting, and Coping with a Dignosis
  4. The Thunderstorm Prison - How It Feels to Have Asperger Syndrome
Part Two: Asperger Syndrome and Your Child
  1. The Wordless Lullaby of Airplanes - Your Child Within the Family
  2. The Wedged and the Winners - Integrating Your Child into the Community
  3. The Code - Your Child's School Experience
  4. The Medieval Women's Clothing Club - Communication and Social Issues in Childhood
  5. Generation "why" - Adolescence: So Much to Learn So Little Time
  6. The World Beyond - Your Child as an Adult
  7. Questions and Answers