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Asperger Syndrome: What Teachers Need to Know is a guide for teachers of children with Asperger syndrome.

The author, Matt Winter, is a primary school teacher from New Zealand. He has worked in many schools and have come across many children affected with autism and Asperger syndrome. The book tells about the personal experiences of Matt Winter and contain many useful tips and suggestions to address almost all significant issues of Asperger syndrome - social skills, homework, playground behavior, playground behavior, and assisting with studies.


This a compact book of around 100 pages. An Introduction is followed by 12 chapters:

  1. So what is Asperger Syndrome?
  2. What signs might a child express?
  3. What are some strategies for the classroom?
  4. Can I help a child with their social skills?
  5. How can I help them in the playground?
  6. What should happen before the child changes class or school?
  7. Should I make the child do homework?
  8. How can the child be assisted with study?
  9. What should the teacher aide be focusing on?
  10. Who else in school needs to know?
  11. Am I qualified to teach this child?
  12. I want to know more. Where should I start?

Five separate sections on Further Reading, References, Websites, Resources for some common conditions associated with Asperger syndrome, and an Index complete the book.