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Adam Harris (born circa 1996) is an Irish Autistic activist, speaker and the founder and CEO of Autism acceptance group AsIAm. He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome aged five and founded AsIAm based on his experiences living with Autism.[1] He was appointed to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission in July 2020.[2]

Early life[]

Harris is the son of Bart and Mary Harris and grew up in Greystones, County Wicklow in Ireland. He spent three years in special education, five in mainstream primary education, with the support of an Special Needs Assistant, and completed secondary education without the support of an SNA. As he benefited from early intervention, Harris felt something had to be done to give back to the Autism community in Ireland. He felt that a poor online presence and a society that did not truly understand were key elements of the challenges Autistic people face, which needed to be addressed.[3]


Harris founded AsIAm at the age of seventeen, with the goal of increasing knowledge, awareness and acceptance of autism in Ireland. AsIAm is intended to be a resource for Autism-related information as well as a safe online community for Autistic people and those living with, supporting or working with them in Ireland.[1]


Harris is the younger brother of Simon Harris TD, Ireland's Minister for Health from 2016 to 2020, who credits his brother's Autism as what motivated him to enter politics.[4] Harris is openly gay and his boyfriend is called Daniel who is also Autistic.[5]


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